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Skye's VBT Surgery @ Simmerath, Germany - March 12th 2018

Her story prior to surgery is here.  

ASC Surgery - Day 25

Since arriving last Easter Sunday (1st April), we've had a bit of a whirlwind of a week. Personally I went back to work on Tuesday, it's just awesome to be back and the team gave me a lovely welcome, and threw me into the thick of things :-).

Skye started back at school for 2 periods a day on Tuesday, and spent the afternoons relaxing with her cousie, we'll do this for two weeks, and then school breaks up for two weeks, so she'll get back to school full time starting week 7 post surgery.

We went to our doctor on Tuesday and she took all the dressings from her wounds, and although she felt very exposed, this was the day that changed things. It felt that we were on the road to recovery and healing.

She's off all pain meds completely and is walking each day, her wounds looks amazing and although she is going to bed with no complaining at 7 o'clock (just indicating how tired she is), you wouldn't think she just had major surgery. Personally this worries me as I need to constantly remember that we are only three weeks out and treat her as such.

Milestones : Dressings off from wounds, no pain meds, back at school part time.

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