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Effective scoliosis treatment requires a specialised approach. The Schroth & SEAS method of scoliosis treatment are the worlds' most validated method of effectively treating scoliosis. These methods involves a therapy plan of specific exercises to correct scoliotic posture in the assumption that scoliotic posture promotes curve progression.


Scoliosis has no cure, but some exercises such as Pilates have been shown to help strengthen the back muscles and improve other related symptoms. Pilates focuses on strengthening abdominal and back muscles. It also emphasises on posture and breathing.


Your Chiropractor can provide a variety of techniques to help your condition, including spinal adjustments to increase movement and biomechanical function, and advice on posture and exercise to help prevent further increase in the problem..

With yoga, there is an emphasis on postural alignment, particularly in the Iyengar system. For someone with scoliosis it is is very important to both lengthen ad strengthen the muscles that support the spine in order to relieve tightness and pain. There are many postures where the spine is simultaneously being lengthened and the paraspinal muscles (longitudinal muscles) and other supporting muscles of the back are strengthened which together help offset further lateral curvature and rotation.

There are numerous practices


A 2015 research paper demonstrates that the surgeons are now interested in research being conducted into the effectiveness of physical therapy. Physical Therapy is really important for life long management of scoliosis whatever the curvature.


There are numerous practices that assist with scoliosis to varying degrees, we've popped some in below, however, if anyone has any others that they know of then we'd love to hear from you.

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