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For anyone with scoliosis doing pilates, exercises should gradually increase in level of difficulty and should not induce back pain. It is advisable to discuss your condition with your Pilates instructor. It is also recommended to get medical clearance from your doctor as well as seeking physiotherapy advice when needed.


Pilates exercises can be modified and people with scoliosis can be taught internal control, and visual methods for breathing. It is about the ability to hold the spine from within, providing significant relief to those with soft spines.


Hearts & Bone Pilates

Dunedin, New Zealand

This centre has some great equipment to assist with the Schroth method of exercise.

Studio 11 Pilates

Karori, Wellington, New Zealand

Iris has studied the schroth method and how it relates to scoliosis.

Body Specific Pilates (Scoliosis)

Auckland, New Zealand

Example of pilates for scoliosis education.

Body Mana

Wellington, New Zealand

One of the instructors here has completed the Pilates for Scoliosis Workshop.

You Tube

Please see here a YouTube channel dedicated to scoliosis exercises.


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Studies on individual patients with scoliosis show that Pilates, alone or combined with other exercise, improves flexibility and mobility, strengthens and stabilises muscles around joints, reduces back pain and enables adjustments in posture to improve spinal alignment and symmetry.


Pilates can also help improve physical activity, enabling you to resume your sporting & activity dreams.


Though Pilates can help the condition of scoliosis patients, patients should know that it can’t reduce or stop the progression of scoliosis. However, Pilates provides a great conditioning and helps build a strong core and realign posture & balance. 


Pilates are vigorous exercises that focus on strengthening abdominal and back muscles. There also is emphasis on posture and breathing. Exercises should gradually increase in level of difficulty, and should not increase back pain. Pilates are not intended for those with severe back pain. Patients should ask about the training of any instructor.

Whenever you see this image next to an item, it means that one or more of our community have had positive results using the technique.  In addition, we have people within our community who are able to discuss the method in detail should you require.

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