The Adams Test is an extremely effective way for parents to find out whether their children are developing scoliosis. One of the most common signs of scoliosis is a protruding shoulder blade, usually the right shoulder. Other signs include uneven shoulders and the pelvis being to one side and higher on one side than the other. A lump on side and flat area or depression on the other in the lumbar region is another sign .


There is an online application called ScoliScreen that may assist with the diagnosis:

In August 2017, Shriners Hospital for Children in Philadelphia launched their screening app for scoliosis, the app can be downloaded, more information can be found here:


The launch video is also very information:








Early detection

Warning signs for Scoliosis

Warning Signs

The early recognition test at home


Normal posture, standing


  • Are the shoulders even?

  • Is the head in a straight line with the natal cleft?

  • Are the shoulder blades symmetrical and at the same height, or is one higher than the other?

  • Is one side of the pelvis higher than the other?

  • Is the distance between the waist and the arm (arms hanging at sides) the same on each side?

  • Is the waist symmetrical?

  • Is your child leaning to one side?


The Adams Test


Leaning forward


  • The child stands with his legs straight and his hands clasped below his knees.

  • Can you detect any asymmetry (a hump) in the thoracic region (ribs and shoulder blades)?

  • Can you detect any asymmetry in the waist or pelvis (higher on one side than the other)