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March 28, 2017

Rachel Brooks is excited for the new school year. She's finally earned a place as a forward on her soccer team. Her best friends make everything fun. And she really likes Tate, and she's pretty sure he likes her back. After one last appointment with her scoliosis doctor, this will be her best year yet.

April 29, 2014

Scoliosis twists Deenie’s plans for seventh grade in this classic Judy Blume novel with a fresh new look.

Deenie’s mother wants her to be a model, with her face on magazine covers—maybe even in the movies—but Deenie wants to spend Saturdays with her friends Janet and Midge, tracking Harvey Grabowsky, the captain of the football team, around Woolworth’s. She wants to be a cheerleader, too, and go to the seventh-grade mixer to hear Buddy Brader play his drums.

Instead, Deenie is diagnosed with scoliosis. And that means body stockings to squeeze into, a roomful of strangers to face, and a terrifying brace that she’ll need to wear for years that goes from her neck to her hips. Suddenly Deenie has to cope with a kind of specialness that’s frightening—and might be hers forever.

January 31, 2014

Growing up with Scoliosis is a young girl's story about growing up with a curvature of the spine called scoliosis. An easy read, this book covers every emotion and experience of having scoliosis beginning with the very first diagnosis.

Angels come in many guises; some have broken wings...


Evie's life is in tatters. She has a father she barely knows, a step-dad she'd rather she didn't and a best friend going off the rails. Then there's the brace she has to wear for her wonky spine.

So when the gorgeous Gabe crashes into her world, claiming he's been sent to save her, Evie's desperate to believe him. But Gabe isn't all he seems and Evie is drawn into a whole new set of calamities. Can she ever be saved? Can he?  For more about the author please see:   


Heaven Sent is a story of love, trust and redemption in a world where not everyone is the perfect fit.

October 1, 1999

Maisey MacGuire is a fifth grader and her life is much like that of any fifth grader until the day of her scoliosis screening. "After the little talk, Ms. Bennett had each girl stand on a piece of masking tape stuck to the floor and asked each one to move into a diving position. I kept thinking to myself, "I sure hope everyone knows how to swim!" The Ms. Bennett just seemed to stare at each back, looking ever so carefully. Eventually, it was my turn. She seemed to take a lot longer with me and I was getting pretty uncomfortable being in that position so long. Finally, she told me that I could stand up."

June 9, 2008

At age 13, the last thing Elizabeth Golden wanted was to be singled out. A typical seventh grader in her school in Philadelphia, Elizabeth s world was filled with best friends who made her laugh, schoolwork, and sports. Then, during a routine check-up, her doctor found two curves in her spine. Elizabeth had Scoliosis and was instantly different from her classmates. Elizabeth was told she needed surgery and she kept a memoir throughout her operation and long recuperative period. Recognizing that not every teenager facing major surgery will have the benefit of the support system she had including family members who have been through the surgery themselves Elizabeth turned her memoir into a book to help others.


Straight Talk is comprised of everything you need to know when dealing with scoliosis- including personal accounts of nine teens and their mothers, medical interviews containing the latest trends in treatment, practical advise on bracewear fashion, preparing for medical visits, managing school needs, and much more.

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