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Skye's VBT Surgery @ Simmerath, Germany - March 12th 2018

Her story prior to surgery is here.  

ASC Surgery - Day 3

Wow - a proper bed, a good sleep and a shower - YAY :-) However, yay was short lived.

Known in the Scoli world to be the worst day post surgery - boy, are they right ! This morning Dr T came and visited her, she stood up and he confirmed that everything was great and she was doing really well. He also mentioned that they could take away all her attachments.

Skye then had all her drips, drains, catheter etc out this morning and is now on pure low dose medication. I don't think I gave these to her in time, as at the beginning she was just fine, but the physio came to give her her morning walk etc, and she woke up and was really uncomfortable, the movement may have moved muscles that had been so so tight beforehand and she cried in sheer terror and heaps of pain.

The nurses on the ward were just fantastic and there was a doctor here within minutes, but at the end of the day, it isn't that the pain means there is something wrong, it is her body learning to cope with what has happened and the adjustments it needs to make. They adjusted her medication and she is now fast asleep and in no pain whatsoever. Fingers crossed when she wakes she is a little more at ease (@ 1.45pm).

4.30pm - The physio came back and Skye has been asleep since lunchtime. She woke up when Tom walked into the room, smiled and asked to go for a walk. She went to the bathroom and then walked the ward twice. Whoop whoop - she's back :-).

We might have a long night tonight as she has slept most of the day - but here's hoping.

Milestones : Number 1's :-), walking 10m, no attachments.

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