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Skye's VBT Surgery @ Simmerath, Germany - March 12th 2018

Her story prior to surgery is here.  

ASC Surgery - Day 2

Wow - what an amazing journey this is turning out to be. Skye had a good night, and slept well.

This morning the physio's had her up and walking again, and she made it from one end of the Intensive Care Unit to the other. I'm so incredibly proud of her strength of character and determination to do everything that is asked of her to make her recovery as easy as possible.

Today, they also took a new Xray of her chest (lying down on her bed, they bring the X-ray machine to her) to ensure that her remaining chest tube could be taken out. The X-ray showed that all was well, and at midday they took out the remaining chest tube (RHS).

Over the course of the day, she has had numerous drips and bits and bobs taken away, and she had another walk this afternoon to meet two other beautiful girls going through the same operation; Laura & Olivia.

It is now 4.15pm on Wednesday - they have discharged us from Intensive Care - we are now back on the Ward (Station 5). We had such a lovely send off from the crew in ICU, as they wished us well with hugs and safe travels.

Albeit tired, she is good, on Ibuprofen and some extra oxygen just in case. She has her phone - gosh I now wont see or speak to her for a few days as she catches up :-), but she has a ready smile and is in no real pain now. BOOM !!! :-).

We don't know the new angles at all at the moment, but to be honest - they don't matter to me right now (well, they do but I'm trying to tell myself they don't :-)). What matters is that over time and with her remaining growth the Xray on the left will become straighter, as the tether pulls her straight and her rib hump diminishes further.

Earlier in Singapore I wrote that this was a mountain that couldn't be conquered, we're now at the top - we just need to stay there :-). The real waiting begins now, as the spine will contort and change for a few years, as it tries to go back to where the muscles want it to be - we need to retrain the muscles to hold her where she is now. As much as the tether will hold her, it is her muscles over time that need to change and build up the strength to hold her spine in position.

Now I'm off for a much needed shower, after sleeping on the floor last night I feel incredibly grubby - so a hot shower, some yummy food and a good night's sleep in a bed is what is now called for - bliss !

Love to everyone


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