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Skye's VBT Surgery @ Simmerath, Germany - March 12th 2018

Her story prior to surgery is here.  

ASC Surgery - Day 1

Skye had a great night, she called the team (oh, my gosh they are so awesome) in whenever she needed extra pain meds, she does not have a pain button machine (sorry cant remember what you call them) but she calls the nurse when ever she needs anything.

Breakfast was the standard bread and cheese which she devoured, and then she lay and watched the snow fall over Simmerath out of our window :-)

I'm so elated this morning, I've always believed in my heart that this was the right thing to do. But through all the obstacles, I've doubted - truly doubted. This is the first time that I can see for myself that the craziness of this journey was so worth it. Even though my head and heart haven't caught up to reality, today I know in every vein of my body that this was the right path for my little lady.

The moment the physio helped her to her feet this morning and I saw her back, her rib hump diminished, her back straight and seeing how tall she now is - looking me straight in the eye with the biggest smile - I knew this was what we have been struggling for :-).

I'm so very sad for those that we love who were not able to follow there own journey down this path; our battle as you know, was for you too.

At midday they came and took the first of her chest tubes out - the left hand side, as soon as the drainage is down to a certain limit then they can take them out - the first one today and the second tomorrow - fingers crossed. For those reading this who may go down this path, the chest tube is always something that sends fear into the patients, but they were so amazing here, they gave her a shot intravenously which put her to sleep for 2 minutes whilst they did what they needed to do.

The physios came back this afternoon at around 2pm to get her to her feet again :-) She is now down to just Ibuprofen and getting stronger and sassier (teenagers eh :-)) by the hour.

Although we are in a totally different culture and language, the hospital here is absolutely superb. The care that the patients get here, the love and peace is beautiful, every step is thought through, every procedure taken thoughtfully and carefully for the least stress and pain possible. Thank you Germany.

Milestones : Standing, getting out of bed & walking with help.

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