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Skye's VBT Surgery @ Simmerath, Germany - March 12th 2018

Her story prior to surgery is here.  

ASC Surgery - Day Zero

Oh my gosh - it's here, it's happening.

Well, at 6.30am this morning, a call was made that the operation was happening.

She had a shower and had to wash her hair with an antibacterial wash, and after many tears she took her pre-meds at 7.15am.

Dr T came and saw us this morning and to let me know that he'll come and find me at 4pm to let me know how it is going.

At 7.30am they took her down to theatre, I was able to go to the lift with her, the hardest thing in the world to turn around and walk away from her knowing she once again have to be an amazing little fighter.

Now I wait.

Gosh, it's now 8.27am - this is going to be the longest day ever :-)

It's 1.53pm - ummmm. A few more hours to go, she knows how much she's loved, she's strong, she'll fight through xxxx

Well, I didnt have to wait a few more hours, at 2.20pm the door opened and in walked Dr Trobisch - he said that the operation had gone swimmingly well, and it would be an hour or so before she would be in intensive care. I'm so exhausted but so elated at the same time.

Basically because her curves were still flexible, it took less time that he thought - thank you to Iris, Larry & Kirstie for your pure awesomeness xx.

He said that they have tethered thoracic (top) and lumbar (bottom) with two separate tethers. The first on the right hand side is her thoracic tether which goes from T5 - T12, and then her left hand side lumbar tether goes from T12 - L3. He mentioned that they had to do four disc releases on the thoracic tether but zero rib work :-).

Now the healing and restorative process begins.

At about 3pm I was called down to Intensive Care to see her. She was drowsy but really good, she opened her eyes, gave me a wee smile then fell back asleep.

She has two chest tubes - one on each side for each tether - numerous wires and cables but all in all she looks pretty amazing :-).

It's going to be a long night, but a good one I feel.

Love to everyone - good night xxx

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