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Skye's VBT Surgery @ Simmerath, Germany - March 12th 2018

Her story prior to surgery is here.  

Our pre-op appointment

We went into our pre-op appointment this morning with absolute confidence, knowing that this was it - this was where we were meant to be.

09.50 am

We registered with the hospital and confirmed all the patient details.

10.00 am

Right on time, we met with Dr Per Trobisch - what an amazingly calm gentleman, he explained everything very clearly and asked whether we had any questions. To be honest, we didn't have many queries, we were very well prepared. The next step was to get some new Xrays. The last ones we had were from October 31st 2017 (in New York).

10.30 am

We went into the basement :-) to the radiology department and were seen within a few minutes, they took Xrays and also bending Xrays to see what flexibility she had (I was not allowed into the Xray room with her).

10.45 am

Went back upstairs and Dr Trobisch saw us again straight away to discuss the Xrays. The image

came up onto the screen and my heart broke. The images were just awful - she had progressed so far since October.

He measured them at 96T / 78.5L.

OMG - how did this happen, we've been doing pilates (Schroth) and massages vigorously but those dreaded curves just beat us I suppose. The next hour or so went by in a blur as I tried to take in this news.

At the end of the day, Dr Trobisch didn't seem fazed when he spoke to me about these curves, and we went ahead and met other members of his team.

Due to Skye's heart surgery, we went down and had an ECG which was all good and then met with the anaesthetist. What a lovely guy - he was assigned to us as he spoke awesome English, and he explained everything beautifully.

We signed paperwork for the costs of my staying with Skye on the ward and also paperwork agreeing to the terms and conditions of the hospital and acknowledgement that we knew the risks.

All in all, we finished at the hospital at approximately 2pm. The next time we will be here, it will be to checkin at 1pm on Monday afternoon (5th March) ready for the operation on Tuesday 6th at 7.30am.

Holy moly - this is happening, I've just got to keep Skye well until then :-).

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