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Skye's VBT Surgery @ Simmerath, Germany - March 12th 2018

Her story prior to surgery is here.  

VBT Surgery - 4 days (S-4)

Wow, things are becoming more real every minute.

Last Tuesday, Skye was playing her beloved soccer for 2nd XI and was hit by a hard tackle and hurt her forearm really badly. She played again on Wednesday night (1st XI) and didn't complain too much, but Thursday at dawn she had Netball practice and started sobbing that her arm hurt beyond words.

What do I do - do I have an X-ray with the possibility that it is broken, and then cast - will they operate with her arm in a cast - oh what do I do. In a Mum moment, I called the Director of Sport at her school, who was an absolute godsend, he got a physiotherapist onto her straight away to determine whether it was indeed broken or just fractured, and if fractured whether we could bind it until after her surgery - as long as there was no sports this weekend. This they did - and we are keeping a low profile from all things physical :-). We are still on for 5th July !

Just last night, I created an event on the VBT Facebook page in the States (amazing support group) letting them know that Skye's surgery was coming up. This has weirdly made it incredibly real for us.

Skye is having a lovely RELAXING weekend hanging out with her besties, celebrating birthdays and doing things teenagers should be doing :-). Although we talk about her surgery heaps, we haven't dwelled upon it that much, and I'm trying to keep everything as normal as possible.

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