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Skye's VBT Surgery @ Simmerath, Germany - March 12th 2018

Her story prior to surgery is here.  

Open Heart Bypass Surgery - Surgery Day (Mon)

Monday 21st August 2017

May a thief please steal my heart, and give it to this beautiful brave young lady - who I'm very proud to call my daughter.

Yesterday morning was one of complete and utter denial, I didn't even pack the night before, just sat staring out the window as the hours ticked by. But we got here to Starship Hospital in Auckland on Ward 23B. The day passed through a series of tests and discussions but nothing untoward.

I've never seen Skye scared before like this, but oh my - poor darling was sobbing with fear as they gave her the pre-meds at 8.15am. We have had so many false starts, that when realisation hit that this was happening she fell apart :-(, and who can blame her .

She went down for surgery at 9am.

She'll have a sternotomy, and then they will use Skye's own tissue to patch the holes in her heart and hand sew them, then they will move the pulmonary vein that is currently attached to the wrong chamber and move it to the correct one.

When the operation has been completed she'll be transferred to the Adult Intensive Care at Auckland General Hospital for a couple of days before being transferred back to Starship Ward 23B, we should be here until this weekend.

It's now nearly 1pm and she is still in theatre.

3.30pm - Skye is through the worst of it, she isn't awake as yet but the surgeon has said it was a hugely successful operation :-)

5.20pm - Skye is in Intensive Care however, still isn't awake but hopefully they'll wake her up in the next hour or so :-).

6.15pm - They brought her around very slowly and although still groggy and I dont think she knows what is going on she's doing good.

7.15pm - They've taken her breathing tubes out and she is breathing on her own - YAY oh YAY now the healing begins in earnest.

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