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Skye's VBT Surgery @ Simmerath, Germany - March 12th 2018

Her story prior to surgery is here.  

When did I ever think I'd write about this !

Today, I'm writing about Skye having Open Heart Bypass Surgery ! When did I become a grown up and have to write about my beautiful daughter dealing with this.

So, the facts are:

When Skye was at Starship for her VBT Scoliosis surgery, her surgeon, Mr Ferguson was sick and had to cancel the surgery, however, that wasn't the entire story.

At the pre-op, a wonderful Junior Doctor found what they thought was a heart murmur, they did an ECG that afternoon, then a heart echo the following morning, only to find that she had two holes in her heart. Thus the scoliosis surgery could not go ahead as it was deemed too dangerous.

What to do in this situation when your daughter needs open heart surgery - RUN AWAY :-)

We decided to run away and hide :-), so my three daughters & I ran away to Lake Taupo for a few days, we'd only been there a day and were in the middle of a 15km river walk when the call came in from Wellington that Skye's cardio MRI was booked for the following day - oh well - nice while it lasted, a 5 day holiday shortened to 1 night :-). None of it matters - thus we blasted back to Wellington for the MRI (note: with middle daughter vomiting on back seat with tummy bug - ahhhh :-)).

The MRI results showed that she needed Open Heart Bypass Surgery to close the holes. I asked whether they could do both surgeries at the same time, the answer was a resounding no. But the explanation was so amazingly clear to me that I backed off like all good mums should :-)

The reason being that when the would have drilled into the bone for Scoli surgery, the bone would have released fatty particles that if the heart had pumped the wrong way would have been taken up into the brain and caused a stroke - OK - we'll wait, I'll be quiet now.

So, we've waited, we had a few dates but as of last week - Skye is having surgery next Monday 21st August at Starship Hospital in Auckland.

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