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Skye's VBT Surgery @ Simmerath, Germany - March 12th 2018

Her story prior to surgery is here.  

VBT Surgery - 1 day (S-1)

We finally arrive at Starship Hospital in Auckland after a very eventful morning.

We are 'checked in' to Ward 24A and given Room 10.

Everyone is absolutely amazing. Here is a run sheet of what to expect:


Check in to Ward 24A (Room 10) - sorted our room and I gave her a pillowcase that I'd had made to cover the hospital pillow.

2pm - 3pm

- Filled out medical forms.

- Multiple lovely nurses come to introduce themselves and we are given a tour of the ward.

- Traction X-rays are taken to see how flexible her curves are.

- Bloods are taken (either through pin prick or standard).

- A line is put in and flushed (first vein popped, so a second was done).

- Blood pressure is taken.

- Heart is checked.

3pm - 4pm

A junior nurse came into our room at Starship to take Skye's blood pressure etc. She put her stethoscope to Skye's chest just too many times for my liking. She then said that Skye could possibly have a heart murmur and she wanted to get an ECG done.

Within minutes it seemed that the ECG machine was in the room and the lovely lady was strapping Skye to it.

- The ECG came back irregular so they are deciding whether to do more checks.

- Sometimes irregular heart results can occur with high curvature scoliosis.

- Dr Ferguson came to say hello and check we had no questions.

- Felt really sorry for Dr Ferguson as he looks terrible and struggling with a really yucky cold :-(

- Gosh I hope he'll be OK for tomorrow - terribly selfish I know - sorry :-(

- General surgeon came to visit to discuss surgery and to obtain consent form signatures.

5pm - 6pm

- Just hanging.

About an hour later a gentleman from the Cardio team came to see us and checked Skye's heart. He told us that something wasn't right and that they would postpone the surgery the following morning to the afternoon to give them time to do a Heart Echo.

- Skye had dinner although we hadn't ordered anything, they always have spares apparently :-).

- If there are any dinners left over then parents get offered them, otherwise fend for yourselves.

- Night nurse came and took Skye's height measurements (162.5 cm).

6pm - 7pm

- Watching television in the room (someone has stolen all the remotes - plain mean :-() - Radio Lollipop came to visit and gave Skye some colouring books etc - awww cute.

9pm - 6am

- Sleepy time

- Night nurse came in to check around midnight, took blood pressures etc.

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