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Skye's VBT Surgery @ Simmerath, Germany - March 12th 2018

Her story prior to surgery is here.  

Preparing for hospital - bolster stretching...

Dr Philip Insull recommends doing bolster stretching exercises before VBT Surgery.​

Bolster stretching is very simple.

They noticed in London that curves reduce, with time laying on the side, on positioning equipment as they prepared for surgery. The aim is to emulate that.

Use a firm padded bolster pillow with patient resting on her side with this positioned under the right side of her chest wall (left side facing the ceiling) for 15 minutes per day (see attached diagram), followed by the same period of time with the bolster under her left flank (for the lumbar/ lower curve), right side up-relaxing, to let the soft tissues of the spine and body wall to lengthen passively.

The bolster x ray is taken in this position for each curve.

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