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The Schroth Method


Please click here for a list of practitioners from around the world.  There is an awesome wesbite named Schroth Best Practices, which has heaps of information.


Schroth Exercises are customised for your unique spinal deformation.


The method teaches you how to:


  • Correct spinal rotation and increase lung capacity with a rotational breathing technique.

  • Help restore normal spinal position with pelvic corrections, breathing technique, and stabilizing isometric contractions.

  • Improve your posture during routine daily living, not just during therapy.


What equipment do I need for the Schroth exercises ?


  • An adjustable  webbing belt and strap which can be made up from material available at spotlight stores

  • Rice filled vinyl pads and wedges (patterns are available in documents and folders page)

  • Wall bars or a similar contraption (chin-up bars) that will allow the patient to hang or lean from. 

  •  A small stool or step and a smaller (than the step) PVC cylinder.

  • Theraband or theratubing

  • 2 poles that are taller than the patient's overhead reach


Some Schroth equipment can be purchased here :


Please click on the links below for some do-it-yourself patterns.  These are thanks to Postural Physiotherapy:



Wedges should be made out of vinyl for durability.  


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