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Post Operation Q & A (VBT)


Please note that this Q&A is just a parents view, there are no medical practitioners on this site.   Should you have any questions post surgery they should be targetted at your surgeon.  These are just a few queries that we have seen to give parents peace of mind that they are not alone.

Screaming with pain (muscle spasms)

The muscles have grown crooked for years and through surgery were pulled back into place. Warm facecloths or wheat packs warmed in the microwave.  Even a hot shower or bath works wonders! 

Uneven hip / pelvis after VBT

This can occur, but the post operation consultation will probably recommend physiotherapy to stretch the muscles.

Did anyone experience numbness in the leg immediately after surgery if so, what causes it, how long did it last and what did you do to alleviate it?

We understand it's caused by nerve damage and the feeling should return, Vitamin C can assist.

How do you cope with sleeping post op?

After surgery the rule is that there is no rule.  Pillows, recliners, flat on the back or however they can get comfortable.

Can VBT patients give birth naturally?

VBT was 'born' in 2008, so there are no patients who have gone through childbirth, however, women with fusion have had natural childbirth successfully.  All depends on the individual.

Suffering hair loss after VBT?

Suffering hair loss is not just after VBT, it is sometimes due to the anaesthetics and is quite common.

Is there post surgery physiotherapy that can be done?

The Schroth method of physiotherapy can be continued post VBT operation.  This will ensure that the core is held strong.

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